Wall Capping

At All Stone We supply Granite and limestone Wall capping both apex and flat as seen below

Granite wall comes come in the following finishes
  • Bush Hammer BH16 (Smooth)  Available in Both Silver or Brown Granite 
  • Pineapple  (Rough) Available only in Silver
Limestone wall caps only come in a Sanded Finish



  • 230*80*1000mm
  • 330*105*1000mm
  • 450*150*1000mm

Feather Edge

  • 75*100*430*1000mm
  • 75*100*550*1000mm
  • 80*60*330*1000mm
Other Sizes are available upon request.



  • 180*60*1000mm
  • 230*60*1000mm
  • 230*80*1000mm
  • 330*60*1000mm (Indian Black and Yellow Limestone)
  • 330*80*1000mm
  • 400*60*1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
  • 450*60*1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
  • 450*80*1000mm
  • 500*80*1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
  • 550*60*1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
  • 600*80*1000mm
  • 700*80*1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)