Stick on Stone

At All Stone we supply a variety of stick on stone (Cladding).

We offer a wide range of Cladding in both Z-Panels and Veneer Cladding. The differnt materials are listed below:

  • Yellow Quartz
  • Brown Granite
  • Blue Diamond
  • Grey Quartz
  • Black Limestone
  • Rustic Quartz
  • Atlantic Cladding

The Cladding comes in Universal Z Panels that are made up of straights, short corners and long corners. The standard straights are 600x 200x40mm, short corners 200x200x40mm and long corners 400x200x40.

Please click the button below to see how the Ledgestone Z-Panel Cladding System can be used

Z-Panel Cladding

Veneer Cladding