Wall Capping

We supply granite and limestone wall capping as both apex and flat. Our Granite Wall Capping comes in the following finishes:
  • Bush Hammer BH16 (smooth) available in both silver (G603) or brown granite (G682)
  • Pineapple (rough) available only in silver
  • Limestone Wall Caps come in a sanded finish:
  • Indian Black, Grey and Yellow Limestone wall capping only available in a 330*60*1000mm
Please see list of all of the following sizes below:

Flat wall capping: 

  • 180x60x1000mm
  • 230x60x1000mm
  • 230x80x1000mm
  • 330x60x1000mm (also available in Indian Black, Grey and Yellow Limestone)
  • 330x80x1000mm
  • 400x60x1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
  • 450x60x1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
  • 450x80x1000mm
  • 500x80x1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
  • 550x80x1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
  • 600x80x1000mm
  • 750x80x1000mm (Silver Granite BH16)
Other sizes available upon request

Apex wall capping:

  • 230x80x1000mm
  • 330x105x1000mm
  • 450x150x1000mm
Other sizes available upon request

Feather Edge (Sloped) wall capping:

  • 75x100x430x1000mm
  • 75x100x550x1000mm
  • 80x60x330x1000mm
Other sizes available upon request

Kindly note that the colours depicted in the images on this website are intended as approximations. They are presented to the best of our ability within the constraints of digital photography and variations in displays e.g. phones, laptops, PC’s, tablets, will all display with slight differences. We suggest selections regarding a particular stone’s colour be made through firsthand observation of the product. Natural stone inherently displays tonal disparities and shades, and it’s important to note that every piece of natural stone is inherently unique; no two pieces being exactly the same.

If you don’t see a size, colour, or specification to match your requirements, please do contact us, as our stock is updating all the time, and our website may not always reflect the full extent of our latest range and availability.

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