Here at Allstone We Supply a wide range of Italian and Indian Porcelain Tiles. 

Indian Porcelain 
The Indian Porcelain comes in the sizes of 600*900*20mm.
  • Hammer Mocha 
  • Blue Stone Real
  • Genova
  • Kandla Grey Natural Porcelain 
  • Kandla Grey 3D Print Porcelain 
  • County Black Anthracite
  • Cobble Stone Ash
  • Coral Stone
  • Tandoori Amber 
  • Earth Core Natural Grey Porelain

Granite Porcelain

We also have Granite affect porcelain which come in the size of  1200*600*20mm and other selected sizes.

  • Silver Granite Porcelain ( Also available in the Size; 800*400*20mm and 600*900*20mm)
  •  Charcoal Granite Porcelain 
  • Brown Granite Porcelain


Italian Porcelain 

Standard Italian Porcelain comes in the size 1000* 500mm*20mm.

  • Smokey Grey 
  • Dark Stone 2
  • LightStone 2
  • Jerusalem
  • Alpine
  • Ash Stone 2
  • Platinum Stone 2
  • Dust Dol Major
  • Sahara Gold (Size; 600*900*20mm)
  • Stone Henge (Size; 600*900*20mm)
  • Nero (Irish Limestone Porcelain)(Size; 600*900*20mm)
  • Coco Buff (Timber affect Porcelain) (Size; 1200*300*20mm)
  • Deckwood Ash (Timber affect Porcelain) (Size; 1200*300*20mm)

Call into our Dublin Office and Carlow Office to see our variety of porcelain.

Other sizes and colours are available on request.

Indian Porcelain

Italian Porcelain

Granite Porcelain