Limestone Paving

At All Stone We supply a wide range of Limestone from a number of countries. We stock Irish, Indian, Egyptian, Chinese

and Vietnamese Limestone. See Images Below of types of Limestone.  

Indian Limestone & Egyptian Limestone

Indian limestone & Egyptian limestone come in a mixed Patio pack with sizes 600*900*20mm, 600*600*20mm,600*300*20mm. Individual sizes are available upon request. 

Colours available are 
  • Kota Grey Limestone (Also available in Tumble Finish)
  • Yellow Limestone (Also available in Tumble Finish)
  • Kota Black Limestone 
  • Kota blue Limestone 
  • Egyptian Limestone
Chinese and Vietnamese Limestone come in two sizes and finishes
Sizes:600x300x20; 600x400x20; 600x600x20;

Chinese Limestone
Flamed Chinese Limestone
Sanded Chinese Limestone



Vietnamese Limestone

Vietnamese Limestone Hond and Tumbled

Irish Limestone sizes and finishes:

  • Flamed: 600x300x20mm / 600x400x20mm.
  • Flamed Fossil: 600x300x30mm / 600x400x30mm.
  • Sanded Irish Limestone: 600x300x20mm / 600x400x20mm.

Other sizes available upon request