Stone Joint

Here at Allstone we have our own brand of brush in Grout known as Stone Joint. Stone Joint comes in a variety of colours: 





This ready made Grout comes in 20kg tubs and are available in both our Carlow and Dublin Yards.


All Stone are the exclusive suppliers of an Irish Manufactured Jointing compound named JOINT IT.
We supply to both north and south of the border and stock both 12.5kg and 20kg tubs, we supply these in 3 colors; neutral (buff), charcoal and natural grey.
This is a brush in grout, and for instructions see their website which can be found at:

Flowpoint grout

At All Stone we also supply Ultrascape Flowpoint grout. The grout comes in a variety of colours listed below:

  • Natural
  • Smooth Natural
  • Charcoal
  • Smooth Charcoal
  • Eco
  • For instructions see the video below